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About Us

A little info on our blessed family, and our passion for picking.


The Mercado Family

” A family that picks together, stays together. “

– George Mercado

The Story, for every business has one.

A long time ago, a dad named George fell in love with antiques, and with the process of searching for pieces thought lost in time. For him it was an incredible passion to find these pieces in small towns, hidden antique stores, and within old barns or buildings. What started off with an antique radio one day, led to the collection of many items over the years. Some pieces which he kept for himself and others which he sold to others. What started off as a side business, quickly turned into an addiction. The thrill of the chase, the search for history, and that joyous feeling of finding that special piece you always wanted.  As the years passed, George introduced his son Jaiden into the world of picking and together they ventured off in search for treasure. Margeaux, George’s wife joined in on the journey, even though she must have though him insane at times.  However, as they say, behind every great man is a greater woman that made that man great. In George’s eyes she is that, an incredible wife, mother and friend.

 Backcountry Treasures

We are not a big company, but a small family owned online business. We make due with what we have, and simply put all our love and passion into it. Picking allows us to travel, to spend quality time together, to learn about history, but most importantly to feed our family.  Sadly Covid19 destroyed our previous family business as it decimated everything we worked so hard for.  We had to resort to starting this online store,  and to make picking our  main source of income.  We are not saddened by the turn of events, for everything happens for a reason. Life is about evolution, about turning a bad into a good and about evolving as individuals mentally, physically and spiritually. Our past was a process, our future and this business the fruits of our labor.